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Wow, I’m a bit flabbergast at the massive amount of coverage that ‘s new browser Safari is getting in the online world.

The good news is that David Hyatt, one of Safari’s lead programmers (originally the head honcho of probably the most worthy Mac OS X browser out there, Chimera) has been very responsive to bug reports and criticisms posted online. He’s chronicling some of the updates (and some of his responses) on his weblog. Very cool.

In other news (and I promise this will be one of the last Safari / geek posts for a little while), Daniel “Waferbaby” Bogan (aka “The hardest working man in cyberspace”) has posted a quick ‘n’ dirty Chimera to Safari bookmark converter. If you’re a Chimera user, this might be of use. If you’re not (but you use Mac OS X), I highly recommend you give Chimera a whirl. It’s just great.

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