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An acquaintance of mine mentioned that she was one of the many people working on this project, which is rather cool: a gigantic archive of everything the CBC has ever broadcast, all available online.

At least, that’s the lofty goal. I have no idea how close they are to moving everything online, but there is a lot of good ol’ Canadian content here. Unfortunately they chose the rather crapulent Windows Media format for their clips, which of course is a P.O.S., especially when running on a Mac. Ah well.

I’m constantly surprised by the hidden, woefully under-marketed sites that the CBC has scattered around, like the flash-tastic 120seconds.com, or the clip collections at the stupidly named ZeD.

The CBC is amazing at marketing their news stuff (having Peter Mansbridge and all of the other anchors mention the site during every newscast helps), but suck at marketing the rest of their sprawling properties. It’s too bad - they’ve got some interesting gems here and there.

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