Whereabouts. Another damn Weblog.

Yes, I’m still around. No, I haven’t forgotten about you, and I definitely haven’t forgotten about putting some effort into my posts, instead of pooping out these rather dry, miniscule turds.

My main group of students (affectionately known as the “DMTers” - the course is awkwardly called Digital Multimedia Technology) had their last day of classes for the first term today, which was a relief. It’s been a very busy first term, with both the instructors and the students getting used to the new course, the new campus, the workload, and each other.

Everyone has really worked hard, and I think we should all go out and raise a glass to surviving our first term together. I’m writing this more as a mental note to myself - I really don’t want to forget to get the group together before everyone takes off for the holidays.

On a related note, I finally started posting to a Weblog I set up ages ago for my students and co-workers. It’s your old-school linkage Weblog, which is more a quick dumping ground for Web and design stuff that folks at the college might find interesting, so there might not be anything new there that heavy Weblog travellers haven’t seen elsewhere - your mileage will most definitely vary.

I’m going to be up to my earlobes in marking for the next eight days or so…

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