candle = burning both ends

It’s twenty-past-one in the morning, and I’m still up, and still working. I have a somewhat heavy course load tomorrow, an early-ish morning class that I definitely will require my wits for (teaching grammar and composition, yeehaw!), and a mountain of work still to do.

If I stay up and try to plow through this (instead of wasting time posting about it), I might get closer to getting the mountain under control… but tomorrow I’m going to be dead to the world. I don’t care if you’re Super-Kotter-God’s-Gift-To-Teachers, it’s going to be pretty difficult for anyone to explain comma slices and fused sentences on four hours of sleep.

Sigh. To make matters worse, I had a minor design breakthrough with the on-going rededsign of this site, and I had a great idea a couple of days ago for a Web service that would be truly useful (really!)… I need more hours in the day.

Ah well. Oh, I added the last ten songs iTunes played to the site - it’s available here, as well as its permanent home right beside the “Currently listening to” on the homepage. As always, bow down and give thanks to the pow-tastic Kung-Tunes and code-juggler Adriaan Tijsseling.

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