(Non-Canucks, read this article on how to make cheese instead of the following political rant.)

If I see that beery-faced lout Ralph Klein on the tele-o-vision one more time, with his made in Canada solution (what the hell does that mean?) to the Kyoto Protocol, his painful smugness, his alcoholic complexion, and his right-wing beefism, I will be an angry man.

Not angry enough to do something rash like toss my TV out the window, SCTV-style; more like angry enough to drive all the way to Calgary just so I can moon the son of a bitch in person.

The guy admits that he has a drinking problem that has “affected his capability to do his job”, and yet he’s still in office. I still shake my head.

Then again, Chretien is a bumbling, moronic fool at the best of times, and we’re still stuck with him… so I suppose it all balances out somehow.

What pisses you off about politicians in your corner of the world?

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