I love those moments when you feel, right at that precise moment, like you’re in the exact place in the world you are meant to be.

Sitting down on the couch this morning, with a steaming cup of coffee on the table (perfectly brewed and with the proper amount of sugar and cream), the cats curled up together sleeping quietly next to me, and the calming gurgle of the radiator intermingling just right with one of my favorite melancholy morning albums (The Rachel’s Music for Egon Schiele), I felt as though everything was perfectly in its place, just for me.

After nearly two months of teaching full-time at the college, I’m quickly realizing why teachers get their summers off.

I really am constantly working, whether I’m prepping for an upcoming class, troubleshooting a student’s computer or software problem, or giving some one-on-one help to a student that’s having troubles keeping up with their workload. Weekends are filled with assignment marking, course planning, and brainstorming ideas for future classes, all the while trying to find private, quiet time for myself, and for my sweetie.

I love my students, and I’m really enjoying the intellectual challenge teaching full-time presents, but the constant work is draining. This morning I felt like a moment, no matter how fleeting, had presented itself for me, and for me alone, to luxuriate in. I swooned in it.

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