My name is bruce…

Dear god, this is why some people shouldn’t be allowed to bear children if they’re going to be allowed to name them, too:
It seems to me that the name “Scatman” is a great one. you know: after semi-singer and comedian Scatman Crothers.

I keep envision having a son named Scatman. I can imagine everyone he meets saying, ‘What a cool name.’ Which is good because that way they’ll have something to like about him even if his personality is really off-putting. Or if he’s shallow or a bully when he’s like 13, when he should be getting into punk rock or something. At least they’ll think he has a hip name.

But don’t use it, cause I thought of it.
Brought to you by Baby’s Named a Bad, Bad Thing: A Primer on Parent Cruelty.

Link unearthed over at the Backup Brain.

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