Il fait froid (and linkage)

Damn, but it’s cold. And this is only the beginning.

  • The always swank and well-dressed Lana has moved to a shiny, equally swank new home: Place and Thyme. Go and say hello.
  • The generous and most kind PJ (thanks for the magazine!) has also relocated. I owe you a coke.
  • In other Web news, the world shakes its fist in the air (while bellowing, “nooooo!”) as Dennis Mahoney and Tobias Seamon put their visit-worthy site 0format on the shelf. When will they return? “Sometime in 2003.” I say: crap.
  • Why sign-off is a ridiculous thing.
  • Mena Trott, 1/2 of the squeaky-keen Movable Type team, has also launched a wonderful redesign of her personal site.
  • LiteBrite.

My god, am I just totally not ready for winter.

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