Note to self:

  1. Somehow, somewhere, I picked up the habit of appending “dude” onto the end of sentences. I am appalled and blame everyone but myself for this despicable habit.
  2. beatnikPad: Less pretention, more jokes!
  3. I will stop referring to Mel Lastman as “that guy that kind of looks like Hans Moleman”.
  4. People are not beyond redemption for watching The Bachelor: I need to remember this.
  5. Coffee and a cinnamon bun do not contain the recommended daily intake of vitamins and minerals.
  6. After use, return toilet seat to the down position.
  7. Just because it’s rocking your world, doesn’t mean the whole bus wants to hear your interpretation of James Brown’s inimitable funk skills.
  8. Your class doesn’t care about Toronto. Stop mentioning it.

I have to stop here or I’ll be here all night.

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