The Redesign Blues

I’ve got the redesign itch.

The present BeatnikPad design is quickly approaching its one year anniversary, and I’m jonesing to update it. Part of what I had promised myself I’d have finished already is a code update to separate the layout from the content, like I did with Renée’s site. Everything would be XHTML for content, and cascading style sheets for layout, as it should be.

So, today I sat down and farted around with a few layout ideas. To be honest, I still really like the present design, but I was tossing around the possibility of retiring this look and feel and trying something new. If I’m going to rip apart the code I might as well put on a new coat of paint while I’m at it, right?

But I’m not 100% happy with what I’ve done, and I’m feeling rather indecisive. What do you think? I started off with this fairly clean layout, then tweaked it into this attempt, and then ended the morning with this minor revision.

Like any of them? Think I should stick with what I’ve got? Think they all suck? Hit me with your worst…

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