beatnikPod and other thoughts

Client invoices are paid, money is in pocket, MP3s need to be listened to, contacts need to be organized, and calendars need to be synced:

I succumbed.

(Oh, and I’m feeling better; thanks for the get-well emails.)

Other recent thoughts about products:

  1. The school got in a bunch of Apple’s eMac. Considering how acclaimed Apple’s industrial design work has been (iMac, the Titanium Powerbook, and the aforementioned iPod for starters), I expected the eMac to look better in person than the photos I’d seen. Nope - the eMac is an ugly, stubby machine. They’re also very chinzy and cheap-feeling, with loose plastic everywhere. A disappointment.
  2. Since I’ve got an iPod to play with, I downloaded the iSync beta to sync up my contacts and calendars to my laptop and desktop, as well as the iPod. For a beta, not bad: it worked, it did what it was supposed to do, and it didn’t break anything.
  3. I tried switching from Entourage to iCal, Mail, and Address book for my productivity needs, but eventually switched back. iCal is just too slow for daily work, and Mail is still a very immature program. Will any programmers out there finally built the ultimate e-mail client? Please?

That’s that. Enough one-track-mindedness for one day.

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