iCal iConAs anyone following (even casually) knows, the creator of all things cyber-chic has released another beastie from the “i” family: iCal. It’s possibly one of the most beautiful calendaring applications I’ve ever seen; calls it elegant, and it is.

(Note: Did I mention that it only runs on Mac OS 10.2? Pity.)

The problem is it’s astoundingly sluggish. Even on my fairly speedy Quicksilver Powermac it runs frightfully slow in areas. Let’s not even talk about importing Microsoft Entourage calendars: it’s nigh comatose.

I’m hoping will work the bugs out in the inevitable update, as this could be a very easy, fun way to stay organized; an area I always need improvement with. <heaves mighty sigh>

One cool use for iCal has already popped up: Morbus Iff has worked out a rather nifty conduit between Movable Type and iCal, which I’m fiddling with for the site.

For your calendaring pleasure, try reading BeatnikPad journal entries from within iCal by subscribing to the BeatnikPad journal iCalendar. Kind of neat.

This joins some more orthodox methods of syndicating the Beatnikpad for your reading enjoyment - namely, the BeatnikPad RSS and RDF feeds, readable using RSS parsing software like the worthy NetNewsWire lite. Word up.

Also: my September 11th index page is now archived here.

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