My life in point-form


1. Prepare, prepare, prepare! Students start classes next Wednesday. Well good golly.

2. Stress! (But only mild, manageable stress.)

3. Spend time installing the sparkling new Mac OS X operating system on anything that resembles an product. Feel geeky and a bit guilty, but don’t care. (Yes, I think the whole animal print kerfluffle is rather idiotic, but that’s marketing for you,)

4. Decompress. Watch our favorite show.

5. Rediscover the guilty pleasures of eating hamburgers and drinking fizzy soda pop in the summer. Conveniently forget that I normally don’t eat red meat; also forget ever reading this book.

6. Headaches almost every day because of the eye problems. Work is going slow because of this; I need to see a doctor but can’t get in until October. Stupid overburdened Canadian medical system.

7. Days are getting shorter. Shudder and start dreading the onslaught of another Winnipeg winter.

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