Good intentions

You may notice a slimmed-down navigation for the BeatnikPad: I’ve done a bit of housecleaning. The old “Cultural Joy” section, while started with an abundance of good intentions, just became an albatross around my neck. The lack of tangible updates there mocked me every time I rebuilt its Movable Type pages, and the last update slipped off of the index page, leaving a big, empty hole.

So, I sent it to the place that Weblogs go when they die, and merged its entries into the main site. I have enough self-inflicted guilt in my life.

Oh, and while I was at it, I killed the moving stories pages, and did a bunch of other small changes. I really do think that moving stories was a great idea, but the response I received was somewhat underwhelming. I guess most of the folks that would have submitted pieces already talked about their move on their own site.

Those of you who did submit, a thousand thank-yous - I still plan to do something related to moving (and stories), so your submission will still be used (that is, unless you don’t want it used anymore: if that’s the case, Let me know).

I have a lot of good intentions for this site, and increasingly less time. The svelte, newly shorn BeatnikPad will be easier to handle, and help me sleep at night.

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