Please pull the iron wool over my eyes

You know, as the unlucky winner of a rather annoying eye condition, sometimes I really wish one could just pop their eyes out, drop them in some nice warm water and give them a really good scrubbing.

(Now that I think of it, this would probably be a great ability to have with one’s brain, too. Just wash them black and moldy thoughts away with some soothing. emotional soap suds.)

I’m in dire need of an eyeglass perscription update - staring at a computer screen all day (even one as good as this) tends to make one bug-eyed even if they’ve the benefit of 20/20 vision. I’m seriously thinking of getting a set (my first) of contacts - any eyeglass wears have any comments on the pros / cons of contacts?

For the record, my perscription is really high: -10.25 in the right, -11.0 in the left. For all intensive purposes I’m blind as a bat. I’ve heard that contacts afford high perscription wearers better vision because they reduce the amount of optical distortion you get with the high indexes. Either way, it’s expensive and a real pain in the ass. Maybe I should just get the laser surgery and be done with it…

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