What is Web Culture?

I need your help.

If, as the Oxford English Dictionary defines it, culture is:
1. a. the arts and other manifestations of human intellectual achievement regarded collectively 2.a. the customs, civilization, and achievements of a particular society or group

… what would you say would be included in the idea of the Web’s culture?

In other words, academic notions aside, what Web sites would you say represent (in part, of course) the concept of the Web as a cultural medium?

The reason I ask: I’m working on a curriculum for the school on “Digital Culture” (I didn’t name the course), and the one thing I’m positive of is that it’s impossible for me to know every single interesting / great / thought-provoking / cool / hilarious / artistic Web site out there. So I’m hoping you can help.

Post away in the comments your URLs, and please include a tiny description of what is significant about the site you’re mentioning. Anything goes. Be creative. Think outside of the blog. Ask a friend, ask your site visitors - the more, the absolutely merrier. Thank you.

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