Heat and Plastic Surgery

Salut from Montreal! I’m hanging out in the McGill University bookstore to escape the heat and mugginess - it’s sweltering out there. Still, this city is so amazing. There’s so much stuff going on it’s almost overwhelming.

Here’s a strange note I found saved on the desktop of this computer. Very strange:

To all the winners of the F.R.C.S © title:

1. Congratulations. You should be very proud of yourselves.

2. I will be happy to mail you the notes of the next year facial plastic course to help you with your American exam. If you are interested, E-mail me your address.

3. Also, I will appreciate it if you take only 5 minutes of your time to write down, very quickly, the questions on facial plastic surgery that you remember from your written or oral exam. This will help me to help future residents like yourselves.

(Stupid computer! It only has Internet Explorer 4 installed!)

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