Ordinary Independence

Today was a day just like every other that has gone before it; ordinary, but at the same time, somehow unique and beautiful.

It was a slow start. It always is a slow start, because I am not and never have been a good morning person. I farted around the house (not literally) wasting time, firing up the computer to check e-mail even though I was going to sit in front of my work computer in less than an hour. My morning ritual when I was a full-time freelance was: put on coffee. Feed cats. Check e-mail. Shower. Drink coffee while reading the news section. Old habits die hard.

I dashed out the door at the last possible moment, thinking I’d somehow make the bus in time. I never do, of course. Got to work late and spent a while talking with my friend and co-worker, who just went through the heartbreaking task of having to euthanize his dog.

We spoke about pets, and how strange it is that we as a society understand the necessity of euthanasia w/r/t our pets, but not people. I thought about how cruel it is that we willingly enter into these deeply intimate relationships, fully knowing that we will outlive our companions.

Work was uneventful. All of the other instructors are off on summer vacation, leaving just the people that will be teaching the new program that I’m also a part of. It’s very still and serene at work after the chaos of students scrambling to finish final projects. I like it. It’s refreshing to be able to finally hear your own thoughts after working in corporate environments more noisy than productive.

Came home, worked a bit on a freelance project, read some more of my book, played with the cats, hung out with Renée - typical after work stuff. A lot more inconsequential stuff occurred, which I won’t bore you with (as if this post isn’t inconsequential to begin with).

Ordinary days are treasures.

Wishing all of our American friends and visitors a safe, happy, and heat-free Independence Day.

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