A message from Oz

The traffic around these parts has been rather elevated these days (as has my ego). This 15 minutes of giddiness is largely due in part to the BeatnikPad being spotlighted over at the Movable Type Web site.

What’s Movable Type, you ask? Well, it’s a bunch of things, but the most important one these days is that it’s the engine that makes this site work. The design is all mine (and don’t steal it or I’ll send Dom Deluise over to your house to smooch you into a convulsing wreck - kidding, sort of), but the main piece that actually gets the words from my brain onto your screen is Movable Type.

You probably already know all of this. as you’re probably already one of the, er, “movies” who’s switched over to Movable Type from some other lesser journaling software. If you haven’t, do yourself a favour (and this isn’t just reciprocal linking) and download it for a test run.

It will change your life, make you more attractive to the opposite sex, clean your washroom, rotate your tires, retype your dissertation for you, drive your annoying mother-in-law to her dentist appointment, teach you how to play pentatonic solos like Yngwie Malmsteem (not to mention help you grow your hair like him), and fill you with a deep sense of bliss and fulfillment.

Well, it will save you from the hell of having your precious blog hosted by some other, much more unreliable service, and it has an astounding range of abilities. That, my friends, is precious. The Movable Type creators - Mena, creative pixelologist and Ben, swank code orchestrator are also swell, helpful people. Send them some of your pizza money.

(I haven’t really sent Movable Type enough hosannas lately, which provoked this fawning post. Ttrust me: it deserves it. There’s still small, niggling problems, but what software doesn’t have a few? Heck, at least it isn’t Windows, folks.)

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