Penmanship and Photos

Well, as you can see I’ve found a way to keep the Letter Project up on the home page (besides mentioning it in every damn post). We’ll see how long I can handle looking at my godawful penmanship before I’m forced to swap it out for something less personally offensive… heh.

(Update: June 26, 11:52pm: The handwritten notice lasted exactly 23 hours, 50 minutes. I got sick of it pretty quick.)

Oh, and there’s a new cutoff date for signup - it’s July 7th (subject to being extended at my most fickle whims). See the Letter Project page for more details.

Out of curiousity, does anyone actually write anymore? As in cursive writing? Every single person I know either prints, or “cursive” prints - another way of saying, “they squash all of their printed letters together so it might as well be cursive”. Perhaps that could a dying art, like letter writing, good conversations, those itsy-bitsy Japanese trees, and adding a P.S. at the bottom of correspondence…

At any rate, there’ll be some more iPhoto movies coming very soon; I’m just trying to find suitable soundtracks for the photos and then I’ll post them. Oh goody, goody, right?

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