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rajEmmaTile.jpgI’m sure many of the visitors to the BeatnikPad have cats; I’m convinced, actually, that the majority of Webloggers and journal writers have cats. Perhaps we should have a poll somewhere? (This sounds like something I should put together).

Anyway, perhaps someone that visits here has the inside scoop (pun intended) on cat food. Perhaps they’re a nutritionist at Purina, or they work as a bagger at Hills Science Diet - where ever they get their dirt from, I have to know:

Do they put catnip (or some other feline freak-out additive) into wet cat food?

I am totally astounded by how much my cats flip out when I’m cranking open a can of wet food for them.

We rarrely feed our cats wet food. Even so, they go ballistic when the wet food comes out, like they’ve been mainlining it every day, and they’ve been just dying for a fix. I keep half-expecting them to jump me and rend me into little kitty-bits before I’ve half-opened the can.

I mean, they’re not responding to the, er, “meat” smell (if that’s what’s actually in the can in the first place). And they’re definitely not going for the presentation; I don’t know about you, but I’ve never seen meat that looked like that, or made sounds like that coming out of the can. It’s not like they go kitty crazy when we’re cooking chicken or fish. It’s only with the wet food.

Of course, that makes me suspicious. I can totally imagine some secret Purina cat lab, where they’re freebasing various cat food additives and cultivating the catnip version of Acapulco Gold in endless fields of green wheelchair weed. I can almost see the evil scientist type, gigantic carbuncle protruding from his forehead like a malefic wart, rubbing his hands together like evil scientists do…

“Ha ha HA! We will create the most additive cat food known to man, and cats the world over will not be able to resist! Just the smell of this food will make mere cat spines wither and quake in their puss ‘n boots for our vittles! They will drive their owners insane with their ceaseless caterwauling for our habit-forming Eukanuba!”

Ahem. Anyway, I’d like to know, as my cats are obviously long-time addicts. I can’t shut them up.

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