From the “more-proof-Neil-is-regressing” department:

Just for the heck of it (and to give the BeatnikPad that dusty, archival library feel) I’ve started archiving past BeatnikPad designs.

Of course, there’s only one so far (this site is only 13 months old, after all) but this does give me some incentive to put this site under the knife and retire this design - it’s got a nice, cozy place to go. Hopefully it’ll re-emerge shinier, prettier, with its wrinkles vanished into a taunt and trim complexion. Like Mary Tyler Moore or Joan Allen - though we can only dream of aging so gracefully.

Anyway, the journal content is updated, but the rest of the page is the way the site looked when I pulled it down last October for retooling. There’s even a couple of MP3’s on there… (as incentive, I suppose). Go and take a look if you’re so inclined.

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