Sunday Grab Bag

· Finally got myself dug out of the mess I stupidly put myself in yesterday. Let’s just leave it at this: don’t empty the trash on your computer if you’re not 100% positive you want to empty it… two days of work gone like <snap> that. Yee gods.

· It’s a wet, breezy day today in Louis Riel’s world. The tress outside my home office window are swaying hypnotically in the wind like the hips of a dashboard Elvis. The rain and greyness reminds me of Vancouver.

· Took Raj and Emma to the vets yesterday. Emma doesn’t like the cat carrier one bit. My scarred arms are a testament to her protestations. Hope I don’t get cat scratch fever. I have enough Ted Nugent in my life as it is.

· Soccer just isn’t the same when you’re not surrounded by rabid soccer fans. When Renée and I lived in Toronto, we lived both in Little Portugal and in Little Italy, where soccer is a religion. Here in Winnipeg it’s just another international sporting event.

· Mac OS X + the Internet + Mozilla 1.0 + gloriously anti-aliased text = surfing bliss.

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