Reasons I regret not having my camera today

  1. Sign over The Gentleman’s Club (a local cheeseball, greasy “high concept” strip club [as if all of those words go together]): This Week is Banana Week!
  2. Passing by a 60’s style diner, long abandoned to the elements and hereunto now never seen. For sale sign on front door, half-obscured by years of detritus: “Bernie Wassleman: Realtor”.
  3. Watching a young Chinese boy rock his baby sister to sleep while out for lunch with my friend Dean.
  4. Discovering the parade of concrete flourishes that adorn the Lindsay building while waiting for the bus to go to work.
  5. Native men and women playing a very spirited game of baseball in a field off of Logan Street.
  6. The suddenly green and alive trees reaching across River Avenue like a botanical recreation of a Michelangello painting.

Tomorrow, I’ll fill in these images with photos. Or perhaps I should just leave these as images in your mind?

Some really bizarre and borderline disturbing Flash work: Qrime.

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