A New Leaf

Okay. This weekend was dominated with rather bitchy posts, so enough of that. You can channel a poor imitation of Walter Matthau for only so long before you’re just making a fool of yourself (and besmirching the good Matthau name, at any rate).

I’ve finally put in an order for that Wacom tablet I’ve been needing for a while. I used to get rather fierce carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms when I was playing a lot, and have been noticing very similar wrist / arm problems lately with my mousing hand. Cod liver oil is always great for this stuff, and I’ve started taking the pills again to help alleviate the problem, but the tablet will make a huge difference.

The sore back, wrist and RSI problems, eyestrain complications, and looming threat of rampant office-seat ass… it’s hard to believe something as sedentary as computer work could be so potentially bad for one’s health, isn’t it?

ISSN 1499-7894
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