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It’s funny. You spent many a day sitting at work, daydreaming about having some time off, and when you finally get some, what do you do? Fritter away the hours aimlessly surfing the Web, screw around with new designs for your personal site, and get some work done. None of it, however, is even close to qualifying as being laudable.

But, enough about work, I’ve got time off! I could be out gallivanting around the city, tweaking the noses of boring stuffed shirts, eating all the chocolate ice cream I can swallow, spitting off of the footbridge off of Jubilee Ave., giving blood at the Red Cross, and indulging in copious amounts of soul-warming coffee at the local beanery.

Instead, lazyboywhat am I doing? Watching French Sesame Street, eating cereal out of the box, dressing (and slouching) like a lawnchair jockey, and luxuriating in way too much daytime television.

I’ve got a serious case of the disinclinations this week, partially because I’m trying to force myself to relax a bit (difficult without rampant catholic-esque guilt), and partially because I’ve come to the sad realization that I work (and live) best when I’ve got deadlines to meet. When I don’t have any looming over my head, I become listless and mentally bleary. Why do anything if there’s no deadlines attached?

Indeed, I realize that I’m sometimes a little too used to the working life to fully feel comfortable any other way. That’s truly sad, really, and something I really need to address.

Perhaps part of the problem is that I’m still working myself out of the transition from being a man prepared for the great change and upheaval that comes with moving to a new city. Montreal had quickly become the landing pad for us up until I got offered this new job. It’s difficult to switch gears from gung-ho “We’re moving” to “We’re staying for an indeterminate amount of time”.

So, what am I doing? Heck! I’m redoing the home office, and moving around stuff in the living room. If I can’t have the luxury of massive change from relocation, I can at least get a new perspective on life by moving my furniture around.

This is what excites me today: I’ve got the second best thing to an Aeron chair on order, which will do wonders for my aching back. Sitting on a wooden kitchen chair with a pillow on it for butt-padding just doesn’t cut it. I’m getting a new Herman Miller chair, called the Caper Multitask, which my friend Paul (newly-graduated industrial design student) will probably got nutso over.

This is all very lame, but I suppose life (and some journal entries) is in the little things. Work starts next week; perhaps I should try and get out to the lake this weekend?

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