Weekend Status Report

(in point form because I’m feeling massively disinclined):

  1. Tormented myself with indecision on whether I could afford to visit my friends in Toronto.
  2. Did my income tax. Realized that I am now truly an adult as I owe a rather frightening amount of money. Scratch that trip off of the list.
  3. Went out for expensive, decadent Japanese food with Renée anyway. Perhaps I’m not so adult-like after all.
  4. Felt guilty for not updating Cultural Joy for two weeks.
  5. Became overcome with apathy. It’s still not updated.
  6. Made a prolonged trip to slackville. Got caught up on some reading, watched a lot of television, and played with the cats.
  7. Went and saw Spider-man. Big grins all around.
  8. Ate another gigantic, rather expensive meal with me mom and family.
  9. Went to the Winnipeg Humane Society to look at the cats and dogs. I want a dog rather badly, but we’re not supposed to have even cats, so it’s risky. Stupid landlords.
  10. Took Renée’s mom out for Mum’s day brunch. More money leaves my wallet so that someone else will cook for me. Ah, financial irresponsibility!
  11. Spent a lot of time planning the relaunch of my Web design business.
  12. Wrote a completely lame and meandering entry for the Web site.

Sorry - I’ll try to be more entertaining tomorrow. Really.

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