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My eyeglasses now officially cost a small fortune. Ever since I was diagnosed with glaucoma, my glasses perscription has been on the rise. The truth of it is I was already pretty damn near-sighted to begin with - my glasses have always cost around three to four hundred dollars.

With my latest perscription, I have jumped into a whole new ocular bracket. Now, each lens costs about as much as my entire glasses used to cost. Needless to say, I’m not pleased.

So, Laser Eye
I’ve been seriously considering something I’ve always poo-pooed: laser-eye surgery. My attitude use to be that it was way too expensive, and way too risky to be worth the possible benefits. With the cost of the surgery plummeting, and more and more people getting the procedure done without problems, I’m starting to reconsider. Facing a few weeks of discomfort and a couple thousand dollars might be much better than spending almost a thousand dollars every time I need new glasses.

This leads, as it should, to questions. Have you had this procedure done? Do you know anyone who has? I’d like to hear your (or their) experiences with laser-eye surgery. How long did your eyes take to heal? How bad were your eyes before the surgery, and how much improvement did you see? Post away in the comments, and help a fella make a decision on whether he’s going to allow a stranger to mess around with his eyes. Thanks.

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