Why I love my Mac: iTunes, Unix, and scrumptious Aqua

More reasons why Bill Gates just isn’t making the dollar bills jump out of my wallet:

Today, with the help of Adriaan Tijsseling’s super Mac OS X tips, I got sendmail running on my system. What that means now is that I’m no longer at the mercy of my rather flaky ISP’s mail delivery SMTP server. I can send mail directly from my computer, and Mac OS X’s tasty Unix underbelly and sendmail does all of the magic.

Velvet XOn top of that, I can also do some seriously cool shit, like the currently playing iTunes track info now in the featured slot of this very Web site (just under the home page “bay window” image). It works by utilizing the one-two punch of script to gather the information on what song is playing from iTunes, and a Unix shell script to automagically upload this info to the BeatnikPad’s server.

I found the information on Adriaan’s new Weblog. He’s also gathered all of this stuff up into a nice and tidy click-and-run application for those folks who prefer such a thing. Go pay him a visit.

In other geek news, announced the new update for OS X, codenamed “Jaguar”. From the list of new functionality I’ve read, and ‘s teaser page, I’m getting about as excited as one can realistically get about a forthcoming operating system upgrade. The truth is, makes using computers fun, while still providing some serious computing power to get real work done at the same time. That’s good eatin’.

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