Status: Nitpicky. Nostalgic.

As you may have noticed, I’ve moved a few things around, and fiddled with the BeatnikPad’s style sheet. Again. All of this nitpickiness is just me trying to put off what I really should be doing now that I’m temporarily unemployed, and actually have personal fun time.

That is, of course, redesigning this site and moving it to full XHTML and style sheet positioning compliance, like my woefully under-posted and underdeveloped freelance site, and my girlfriend’s personal Website. (Which, by the way, Renée has started updating again, now that she’s also found more time. Go pay her a visit and give her a reason to make this a more permanent state of affairs…)

Now that I’ve been freed from the possibility of putting myself into a conflict of interest position with my old employer, I’m back on the prowl for freelance writing, Web design, and development gigs. That means I need to get off of my lazy glutes and actually start marketing myself again… which then means that I really should finish redesigning my portfolio and freelance site, theNonsuch.

But all I can think about is the fact that a year ago I was gallivanting around Europe with Renée, and trying to scheme up a way to get back out there. One thing’s for sure: Rampant nostalgia can paralyze one into a dumbstruck haze - and I am a complete sucker for dwelling a bit too eagerly in the past.

Ah, heck. At least I’m posting more often.

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