Anniversary. Reflection.

Today is a special day.

First, a year ago today I added my small clamour to the journal community by launching this site. The 365 days which followed have been filled with an incredible amount of upheaval and tumultuous change.

(This is, were my life a tragically flawed, shark jumping sitcom, where I would launch into a “greatest hits” jaunt down memory lane. I would point out some of the many things that happened to me (and to us) in the last year, and coax out from the archives some choice posts, to remind everyone (and myself) just how extra-ordinary my life really is. How gauche.)

Today is also special because it’s the last day at my old job. This marks the end, at least for now, of my life grappling with the corporate beast. Of course, almost everything could be construed as being corporate in some way, and my new job is no exception. But this is special for me because I never really felt 100% comfortable working for large corporations. My new job will have a direct, measurable, and hopefully positive affect on people’s lives. And that makes me happy.

When I was a scrappy punk rock kid, the last thing in the world I would have expected I’d end up doing is working for big business. Yet living in Toronto, where it really does seem like everything revolves around making sure you’ve got enough cash to pay the rent that month, really changed a lot for me. It was that reality, coupled with my newfound career doing Web stuff, that lead me to the corporate life.

I’m grateful for the lessons I learned, and the opportunities that working in the corporate world gave me. It’s time for a change.

Happy Birthday, BeatnikPad. And thank you for listening.

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