I’m starting to wonder just how much information a human being can realistically hold in their noodle. I’ve suddenly gotten very busy over the last week. Not only am I trying to clear the decks at work before I toddle off to a new job, but now I’m faced with the daunting (yet attainable, I suppose) task of not only relearning Flash, but doing stuff that wasn’t possible back when I did know how to use the darn thing…

Ow. My brain is feeling, as my girlfriend would say, “wolfingly full”. Any BeatnikPad readers out there Flash experts?

Sigh. This industry waits for no one. I suppose my biggest problem with working on the Web is there’s just no end to the amount of stuff to learn. You could literally spend forever trying to keep up with all of the program upgrades, new-fangled Web technologies, emerging delivery mechanisms, and lovely Website designs.

The Web is like Audrey II from that Roger Corman / Steve Martin remake of Little Shop of Horrors: constantly squeaking, “Feed me!”, while we dump minutes, hours, and days into its gaping maw by the shovel-full. Methinks I need another vacation.

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