• More kick-ass Chinese Propoganda posters to gawk at slack-jawed.
  • Season Two of the must-see PhotoShop Tennis has already kicked off on the 5th with some ogle-worthy work by Karen Ingram and Kevin Cornell. Next up, Rinzen vs. Benfal. I’m in heaven.
  • Speaking of competitions, the Iconfactory has opened up public voting for the annual pixelpalooza icon building contest.
  • » The Great Buildings collection is a huge and well-researched resource for, well, great buildings. There’s 3D models and photos of some of the world’s best structures, as well as discourse on various schools of architectural styles, and the architects themselves. Lovely.

Bizarre Searches, vol. 2

More strange search requests used to arrive here:
  • the search phrase “touching chestnuts methodologic marquis saran”, quickly followed by searches for “noisiness tread risked chestnuts whites” and “preimagine dismemberer phlegmy unmanner groundless”. Dada-esque search poetry? If you know, Let me know.
  • “women enjoying size visual penis”. Er, okay.
  • “can i have sex with the google server please”. Ditto.
  • “meet people pee drinking”. That’s what the Web is all about: connecting strange people all over the world.
  • “shitty Website”. Tada!

And to the person (or persons) who ended up on this site searching for anything related to “gory WTC photos” or “gross September 11th photos”: go fuck yourself. Thanks.

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