He has Barry White in him

One thing about the Web that I’ve found consistently fascinating is how we fill in the gaps. We can come to learn incredibly personal things about a person via their blog or journal, but still have absolutely no idea of what something as truly intimate as their voice really sounds like.

I don’t know if you do this, but when I’m reading someone’s site, I get an approximation completely make up in my head a guess of what their voice might sound like. It helps make the experience of reading that person’s writing that much more fraternal and conjoining, even though it’s a total fantasy extrapolated from: their writing style; the design of the site; the usage of the third voice; abuse of the words “buttcrack” or “fart”; a trillion sundry things. At any rate, it is, in a way, very similar to what we do when we read books and imagine aspects of a certain character’s appearance. I like to fill in the gaps.

So it was with a rather bemused smile that I realized that Jeffrey’s voice, a voice I’d imagined countless times when visiting his site, was exactly as I imagined it would be. (RealAudio stream, courtesy of the {fray} cafe 2.)

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