Sliding down the Disinclination

I’ve been feeling pretty lame the last few days, mainly because I’m wrestling with a ravenous bout of disinclination. Being on holidays for a week and a half can do that to a person. I’m also missing my Central Canada cronies already, but as one of them has reminded me many times, I am a suck. A nostalgic, sentimental, simpering suck.

The disconnect a person feels when they visit a city they once lived in is always strange. The entire time I was staying at my friend’s place, I kept thinking, “Well! Time to go home” as if I could just jump a streetcar and head back to my old apartment.

I have no idea who’s living there now, but I’m sure they wouldn’t appreciate a shabby stranger poking around their cleaning supplies and using their washroom.

Then again, moving back to my home city was a very unsettling experience, also. Everything is exaclty where I left it, but everyone has changed so much. It’s amazing what four years can do to a person; fatter, rounder, balder, more wrinkled, more distance. I barely know anyone here now; a city filled with familiar buildings and complete strangers.

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