27 Things I Did on my Vacation

  1. Read a lot of this and this.
  2. Indulged in rampant relaxation.
  3. Listened to a bunch of grown men talk about wrestling: “… and then he opened up a can of whoop-ass on him. Wow!”
  4. Drank more coffee than is legally allowed.
  5. Bagels! Bagels! Bagels!
  6. Easily avoided a computer for nearly all of my vacation. (see #2)
  7. Listened (and spoke, sort of) to oodles of French and Italian. Felt inadequate. Started planning to take more language courses.
  8. Luxuriated in the gorgeous, history-soaked bliss of Francophone Canada.
  9. Got snowed on a lot. Colourful language ensued.
  10. Met my friend’s parents and brother, who treated me to incredible food, wonderful hospitality, and a good, warm pair of winter boots.
  11. Learned that kids can be fascinating, amazing, and incredibly fun to be around. Who knew?
  12. Laughed my ass off, spoke in hushed, serious tones, babbled endlessly, and felt the warmth of connection.
  13. Purchased some amazing music.
  14. Finally succumbed to some rather strident digital camera urges. Expect rampant narcissism soon.
  15. Had a dream about a man named Joe, a red chef’s hat, and gigantic slabs of beef.
  16. Watched a rather scattered but artful (whatever that means) Shakespearean adaptation.
  17. Listened to the endearing sounds of a child singing Il Ragazzo Della Via Gluck.
  18. Ate sushi with a guy from La Broquerie. And liked it.
  19. Had a streetperson call me “Gramps”.
  20. Scoured the city for some of my favorite pants (aka “old man pants” - see above).
  21. Skipped breakfast and went directly to brunch.
  22. Realized that I left my toothbrush and toothpaste back home.
  23. Avoided any signs of encroaching boredom and party-poopiness.
  24. Got hit on by a man wearing a gigantic doily.
  25. Didn’t once think about what Gwyneth was wearing.
  26. Instantly started missing my beautiful friends upon my return.
  27. Came back to reality: 915 new e-mail messages.

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