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Okay, my anger has subsided (rising! fading…), and the sense of panic has receeded somewhat. I lost the original (plus it was pretty damn stale) so I whipped together a new FAQs page. It’s not really questions, and none of the have been frequently asked, but there you go.

Places to look to find posts that were deleted: First place to check is the Google cache. Do a search on your URL and see what is cached; you might get lucky. Secondly, take a look at Daypop, the blog / News search engine. I found the last four posts cached there. Any other suggestions, anyone? (That is, besides just saying, “Ah, to hell with it!” and letting the dead posts stay dead.)

What a shame: the wonderful Stimpsoft, creator of some really great freeware Mac OS software, has decided to pack it in.

“I need to explore new things. I’m not going to remove any of my software for downloading, but I am no longer developing freeware or supporting any of my old applications.”

I can’t believe it’s been six months already. My brother taped 9|11; I couldn’t watch it even if I wanted to. The sight of those buildings crumbling makes me feel ill.

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