[Caveat: this is completely hypothetical. Any resemblance to any person living or dead exists completely in your mind and is not part of reality as the rest of the world knows it. Now go have yourself a coffee and danish.]

This week’s hypothetical question:

One day, a person posts on his / her Weblog non-sensitive, work-related complaints - eg. “That person is an idiot”. or, “I am surrounded by incompetence”, or, “Today something really stupid happened at work,” - in other words, typical work complaints.

There is absolutely no reference at all on the person’s Web site as to where they work, and no possible way to connect the complaints with any specific person by name. However, a couple of days after posting the complaints the person is fired and told it is because they have an “unprofessional attitude”.

Checking their server’s logs, the person discovers visits from the company’s proxy server the day before they were fired.

Right? Wrong? Have you ever complained about work on your Weblog and been reprimanded for it? Post in the comments.

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