The glories and tribulations of Being

Life lately has been incredibly stressful. I won’t bore you with the gory details, and frankly, some of it is just too personal to be posting willy-nilly in a public place such as this.

Needless to say, there’s the usual suspects: work, relationships, life… but other things, too. And that’s as much as I’m going to say about it. But, pardon me if I seem strange. As with everything, this too shall pass.

It’s been beautiful here the last couple of days, which always helps lift the spirits. I was walking from the office this afternoon and I couldn’t believe the sight of everything melting, and the sun brilliantly out. In Winnipeg at this time, it’s almost always frigging cold - highs of minus 25 or 30 degrees celsius, sometimes compounded with a deathly wind that drives the temperature even lower. I remember one winter (god, that sounds like such an old man thing to say…) when it was -50°C with the wind factored in.

Of course, that makes the +2°C of the last couple of days seem… eerie. I know it’s a typically Canadian thing to talk about the weather, but you have to admit: the weather the last few years has been really, really odd. Hurricanes, tornadoes, horrendous drought in much of North America, massive floods, earthquakes all over the goddamn place, and snow and blizzards in Greece and Italy… it all makes me wonder if the damage we’ve wrought to the planet is irreversible - as if we’re doomed already, like a bit player in a shitty Sylvester Stallone movie, and we just don’t know it yet.

Still, all that doomsday musing aside, it really was a glorious day out. Walking along Academy road, by the Academy Bowling Lanes where a huge group of friends and I use to go drink & bowl four years ago, the long rows of trees planted in the 1940’s looked palatial and calming. With the sun setting the buildings off in the distance took on a brassy, honeyed glow, as if off in the distance was the Golden city, and I was on the path to quiet salvation.

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