Chinese Propoganda and other distactions

Coudal posted this link today to a whole whack of utterly gorgeous Chinese Propoganda posters, which I’ll be adding to the web love collection soon. But, here it is on the front for your enjoyment.

Speaking of enjoyment, take a second to pop on over to Barbara Fletcher’s lovingly redesigned journal. It’s a tableless delight. Other redesigns of note: Natalie’s gone gloriously red with her journal luminescent. Ø Todd Dominey’s What do I Know is a wickedly cool tableless site - his Web design shop’s site Dominey Design is also quite excellent. Ø Alison’s redesigned bluishorange isn’t bluish (or orange, for that matter) anymore - it’s gone green, and looks amazing.

All of these tableless redesigns make me want to get the lead out and put the BeatnikPad under the plastic surgeon’s knife again. Progress waits for no one.

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