X marks the Spot

Have I told lately you how much I love the new Mac OS X operating system? It truly is groovy, good-looking, and pretty darn usable.


Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but I personally find OS X’s aqua interface to be quite spiffy. The best thing about it in my book, though, is the fact that I have finally harmonized my development and desktop environments. For the first time I can work in Microsoft Word, do some Photoshopping, and run MySQL and PHP scripts on the local Apache server - all simultaneously, and all on the same machine.

And, if I have the want of Microsoft Windows, I simply start up Virtual PC and keep on working.

Normally I don’t do the public ga-ga thing about products, but (and this sounds stupidly geeky) running Mac OS X actually makes working on the computer FUN. I can’t believe I just typed that.

I suppose this post could be construed as jumping on the “Let’s talk ” bandwagon. But, seeing as how mania has exploded in feverish anticipation of Monday’s Macworld and the expected announcement of such goodies as a LCD iMac, new iBooks, 1gHz+ PowerMacs, ‘s cosumer photo manipulation software iPhoto (and heavily rumoured items like an PDA called iWalk, a wireless tablet called iDock, [iEnough already!] and the hard-to-believe rumoured porting of Mac OS X to run on Intel PCs), it’s all in context.

I’m not obsessed with (like some are), but boy, they sure make great products.

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