Special Webby Holiday Hosannas

· Renée: for being the boog, for sharing everything, for the love of whimsy, and for les flamants.
· Barb: for the poetry, the confessions of a peepee-soaked new-media heckhole, and the on-going Brit Lust.
· Dave: for the great, gut-busting stories, and the sparkling sense of humour.
· Natalie: for the Hogtown fellowship, for the love of sushi, and for the unusual dreams.
· Mena and Ben: for creating the brilliance that is Movable Type, and for supporting it with good natured friendliness.
· Everyone on the Webdesign-l mailing list: for constantly reminding me of how much I need to learn, and for helping me get there, and to Steven for being a most excellent list-mom.
· Dean: for the intelligent, jaw-dropping hilarity, for the love of Weimaraners, and for the insights into une vie en France.
· Dooce: for the hilarity, the love of naps and breasts and grapenuts, and the fine musical taste.
· Alison: for the evocative story-telling, the wordsmithery, and the non-parrot.
· Thandi: for the honesty and friendship, and for understanding the mystical <mwah>.
· The folks at Coudal: for Photoshop Tennis, for the MoOM, and for the great linkage.
· Andrew and rosecrans: for being the news / music / pop culture filter of choice, and for the unabashed New York perspective.
· Jeffrey: for the Web Standards organization, for the heartfelt daily report, and for being so damn friendly.
· Tonia: for the great friendship, fellow geekiness, and wily franco-italian charm.
· Dan: for teaching me how to teach myself, and for the unstoppable sense of humour.
· Lance: for being the “Mark Twain of the Internet”, for the inspired writing and snappy sense of design.
· You: for reading this entire list, and for coming here in the first place. And, for anyone who has ever linked to the BeatnikPad.

Have a safe, cozy, and happy holiday season!

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