A case of Mistaken Identity

Okay. So it took a total of eight days from my first mention of Google’s fascinating archive of newsgroup posts, to when I was googling myself. I’m amazed I could hold out so long.

Imagine my horror, however, when I realized that, oh my god! There’s another person named “Neil Lee”! And, jimminy jillickers! He’s a complete asshole!

Surely this guy takes the cake for being the most obnoxious streak of pelican shit god ever put breath into that has posted here.

Now, I never for once entertained the thought that I could be the only Neil Lee in the world… but why did he have to be a raving “crustie licking poo pusher”? Not only this, but all of the “we hate Neil Lee” posts are the very first results Google pulls up. Feh.

For the record, I and the Internet were not closely acquainted in 1997. Really. View the whole, gory details here.

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