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Help build the Sep11 Attack Archive: “webArchivist.org is working with The Internet Archive in collaboration with the Library of Congress to identify and archive pages and sites related to the terrorist attacks in New York and Washington on September 11, 2001. We want to be sure that there is a solid historical record of this time.” They’re apparently very interested in personal sites which have recorded feelings, experiences and opinions about the attacks, as well as non-American sites.

Terror etched in pulp.

Screenshots of 9.11.01: I know, I know - I keep saying I'm going to stop linking to terrorism-related stuff, but I CAN'T STOP. Plus, I don't want to forget about this link as it's amazing. Via Dean at Textism, who also posted this rather funny rebuttal: <see below for more archivial information>

You can picture some worthless little editor, sweating bullets, if I pull Elton John will I lose my job?

I am a geek.

Geek moment of the month - getting my wireless PC card in the mail today, plugging it in, and logging onto the Web through my Wireless access point from the bathtub. Shameless.

Mean Streets.

I used to live in Winnipeg. Then I got sick of it, and move to Toronto. Three months ago I moved back to Winnipeg, so that my girlfriend could get her degree in Education. The plan is we're gonna move to Spain once she graduates.

You know what I hate about Winnipeg? Crime. There's tons of it. "Murder Capital of Canada" is one of the many not-so-nice nicknames that Winnipeg has. A couple of years ago, it was the Arson capital of Canada - yet another somber sobriquet, earned after many, many buildings (including one in the my favorite area, Osborne Village) were burnt down.

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Bleary. It's quite late, and I think I'm going to pack it in for the night. Working on some geek stuff: PHP and MySQL and gloriously arcane nerd lore like that... geez, on a Saturday night. Well, it's freezing outside, so that's my excuse. Unless I had a hankerin' to see Alabama, or the mighty ass-kicking powress of the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band (ahem), there wasn't much going on tonight, anyway.

Have a great Thanksgiving, folks - give your loved ones a squeeze, gorge yourself on decadent morsels and fattening pies, lie back, belch a bit, and enjoy the weekend.

damn fine.

LILEKS: I link to James Lileks's site over yonder (<-), but I felt like it needed to be highlighted somehow. He is probably one of the best writers journaling on the Web today: always funny and eloquent, and a treasure trove of pop cultural goodliness.

His writing the day after (it's strange how you probably know exactly what I mean by "the day after") is incredibly moving in its simple sublimity:

Went to Target. Life goes on, even if it's in a state of tremulous fury and worry. Bought . . . frames. Simple items that will forever be tied to this day, these events; it�s like a water faucet you installed on the day Kennedy was shot. Every time you turn the tap, somewhere in the back of your head you remember.

Something to make it all better


Much better: This makes me feel much, much better.

"Of course he's the fucking farmer!

We can rebuild it

Re-groove: Just so you know, the BeatnikPad will be closing soon for a well-deserved redesign, and vigorous massaging of the, ahem, back-end. Once I’ve closed the site it shouldn’t take longer than a week to two weeks to relaunch. Just so you know.

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