Fallen silent

I really don’t feel like saying much, these days. Still very much innundated with thoughts, sadness, fear… pretty well the same thing that every other human being is experiencing right now…

I’m appalled by some of the disgusting comments that political “pundits” are tossing out. I received an e-mail from my friend Dan in Toronto, who was reacting to a three-way discussion on the CBC yesterday. He gets it perfectly:

Fulford (note: one of the “pundits”) has just spoken of the ‘casual way’ in which Palestinian men discard their lives. This is revolting to me. There is nothing casual about it: it comes after a lifetime of exposure to the relentless logic of power that we wield. These people come logically and with a clear if limited historical understanding of their conditions to the malignant conclusions that we are reaping the fruit of. These men have reached the rational, accurate conclusion that the ugly conditions of their lives, that we play a role in imposing on many and massive populations around the world will not change except through radical intervention… We must learn to separate consequence and guilt to proceed, and this is what Fulford and other reactionaries cannot do. The terrorists are guilty of the dreadful acts and must be brought to justice. These acts are not our fault, but they are the consequence of our actions. We cannot be afraid of this. It will free us to condemn the revolting inhumanity of the acts of Tuesday without the crippling hypocrisy that veils the Fulfords of the world with their feigned inability to account for the motivations of the terrorists.

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