Gimme shock treatment

Gimme shock treatment: Boy, does my brain feel like week-old, squishy oatmeal. Busy week at work, lots of stuff that needed to get done “last weeK”, blah, blah, blah. I’m feeling a rather pervasive sense of disinclination at the moment; I suppose that explains why I’m on my ass in front of the goddamn computer instead of out gallivanting around town on this chilly Friday night…

Renée is away on some kind of university camping retreat for education students. If you knew Renée you’d know just how not her that is. I’m sure she’s squatting in a field somewhere, face contorted in a rictus of agony at the idiocy of it all…

Okay, now I’m just wasting both of our time with this babbling… here, do something useful and look at some boxes of macaroni and cheese. Have a great weekend.

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