Do you know what sucks?

I’m really trying to hold back a full-blown fit of muppet anger at the moment (and the accompanying sprew of fuckshitdamnmotherfuckergoddammit that always seems to be right on a muppet anger’s heels)… but, goldarnit, I’m pissed.

It looks like a big round of layoffs are imminent at my old job, and before this starts sounding like another case of fuckedcompany, let me just say this: I could care less about the company’s success. I could care less if they make their profit and pageview targets, and if some sketchy wannabe gets promoted to middle management…

The thing is, there’s a lot of really, really good people there (like Leslie, Dolon, Barb, Mark, Trevor, Thandi, Dave… and on and on and on)… and the idea of them getting screwed over by some asshole corporate idiots, more concerned with the bottom line than employer loyalty… well, it makes my blood boil.

Okay. I’m gonna go off and stare at my cats for a bit and try to mellow out for a bit. Seriously, though, the injustices of the working wounded just sometimes make me want to quit it all and hole up in some far off farmstead…

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