Linked!: Shout-outs to City stories maven Derek Powazek for the link-up. His innovative, beautiful work with {fray} and City Stories was a direct inspiration for the genesis of the Moving Stories Project.

Need some inspiration yourself? Check out Derek’s excellent “my new neighborhood”, which is a moving story if I ever saw one…

On a related note, today is the day I fly back to Winnipeg for two years after four in Toronto. I’ve hugged all deserving of hugs, hoisted drinks with friends, and said my good-byes but I still feel like I’m forgetting something. I feel incredibly strange - partly sad and empty, and yet hopeful, eager, even mature - and the thought that my girlfriend and I have taken the first steps toward the dream of a life in Europe fills me with an uneasy but calming peace. As I’ve said so many times this week, “See you soon.”

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