Feelin’ strange

Worked my last day at my now “previous employer”. What a strange feeling. I must be in this big-life-change induced disbelief where no reality can survive; nothing feels real. The long weekend will pass, I’ll wake up on Tuesday, crawl out of bed, make some oatmeal and head off to work like nothing has happened.

Picked up moving boxes today with a friend. What do I need to do to get this move into my head? By this time next week I will be back home in Winnipeg, and the last three years and my life here in Toronto will seemingly feel like a distant dream… going home has that effect on me. Being enveloped in HOME conspires to flood out any new memories with the overwhelming familiarity and comfort of the past.

I feel incredibly fortunate, though. I’ve met some amazing people here, and contrary to the reputation Toronto has for being a dull, cold, money-grubbing den of selfishness, the people I have met here have been wonderfully kind and giving.

Folks, you know who you are. Thanks for giving me reason to be sad and sentimental.

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