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Triumph of the Weblogs: Probably tens, nay, hundreds of web logs will link to this excellent piece about Web logs and their place in the content parthenon of the Web. I’ve quickly come to believe, like many others, that Web logs are going to be one of the major ways that words, ideas and information are exchanged on the Web.

Forget about big content houses, portals, and other large “players” in the Web writing game - from my experiences at my job, and from what I’ve heard and read about other portals, many of the majors are just too inextricably tied to revenue and their strategic partners to be 100% unbiased and reliable sources.

Of course, this has been with us forever: newspapers owned by massive utility companies, music magazines in the pocket of record labels… everyone, it seems, has some kind of hand that feeds them. Web logs represent the voice of the “street” of the Web; real, passionate, and potentially untainted by commerce.

Okay, enough soapboxing for one night.

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